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Online Coaching with Thomi Seche

Meet Thomi

Authenticity Coach & Resilience Expert

I strongly believe that each and every human being is motivated toward fulfillment and self-actualization.

This is a normal and natural human urge, to seek peace of mind and harmony,  yet it can be blocked when our needs go unsatisfied.

We will do all we need to survive.


This affects behavior and how we individually perceive the world and the people around us.

Those who have their needs met through positive and nurturing environments flourish.

I teach you how to develop a nourishing environment so you can go through any change keeping your focus on the elements of affection and kindness towards others.

Humans’ natural tendency is to strive to become more authentic, developing in the direction necessary to reach their full potential, like plants growing toward a light filled and better future..


What I Specialize In

Emotional Emergency

Living Resilience

Career Coaching

Making Decisions

Personalized Self-Development

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The Journey Towards Authenticity Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

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Alexandra Smith
Founder, Swan Consulting UK

“Authenticity is one of our core values.
Through this course I learned to practice reflection in Real Life Context.
Visual learning helped self-directed inquiry ”


Bonnie Snedeker
Personal Resource Dept.,City of Seattle

“Thank you again for an absolutely stellar training. Everyone is talking about it still! Your style, the content, and the practicality and applicability of what you shared made it a perfect fit for the group. 

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Mike Morgan
Copywriter and Marketing Consultant

"My personal brand got stronger through the awareness of how my emotions stopping me from going for what I want.

Self-Understanding for Creative Change