3 Obstacles for Living an Authentic Life:

Don't Start!
Give Up!

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Welcome to my site. 

Breaking through plateaus, overcoming obstacles & focusing on goals even if they seem to be impossible. This is what I call the picnic spots of my creative career.

I have held very different position in my career -  from starving artist to multimedia producer and start-up CEO.

My road to success is directed by curiosity.

No blind faith - only results which can be measured.

Being creative takes commitment.
Changing yourself takes commitment.

I often felt blocked and there was just nothing in my mind worth making real. I am familiar with the paralyzing self criticism.

Obstacles are opportunities for growth - no doubt.


Learning to listen is an art - no matter where you  are or who you are - if you cannot listen to yourself and self-reflect - you will never be authentic.

I offer various levels of commitment coaching sessions. Click the lik below or schedule 45 minute call.

Producer - Director 

"the corporate storyboard guru"


CREA Awards 2022

BRAINZ Magazine 

Finding your passion is not just about your career or making money. It's about finding your authentic self.

(The one you have buried a long time ago)

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Creative Thoughts

Are you thinking too much?

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Are you feeling too much?

Your creative routine stopped working?

Are you doing too much?

A life change is disrupting your creative flow?

On the spot.

Schedule a totally free Coaching Call with me to assess what the best way is for you get he most valuable benefits from investing in a coaching relationship. 

In this call I will work with you on a S.P.O.T Storyboard™ showing you how you can create opportunities out of any problem. This is a proven process and I will work with you for 45 minutes.

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“Authenticity is one of our core values.Through this course I learned to practice reflection in Real Life Context.Visual learning helped self-directed inquiry ”

Alexandra - Creative Agency Owner

Authenticity is the courage to be who you are - show that you are human and always reserve the right to feel.

Thomi Seche

What clients have said:

"My personal brand got stronger through the awareness of how my emotions stopping me from going for what I want.

Mike - the copywriter

“Thank you again for an absolutely stellar training. Everyone is talking about it still! Your style, the content, and the practicality and applicability of what you shared made it a perfect fit for the group.


Bonnie - Team Leader


"The world is in a crisis of trust. With this loss of authenticity and trust, it becomes increasingly incumbent on leaders to present ideas clearly and re- engage people. 

Todd - Director of Organizational Development

Authenticity is the Real Currency for The Great Resignation or The Great Renegotiation?

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Passion Makes Perfect

I believe that being candid and authentic are key to thriving in today’s virtual world. My blog is a place where celebrating one’s personality, sense of humor, and heart are at the core of my site’s mission. Connecting with the world is what brought me to start seche.coach. Ever since I launched this project, the blog has been thriving and has quickly gained a loyal following. To see what I’ve been up to, browse my site, learn more about what makes me tick and find out what excites and interests you, as well.