"Embrace being authentic. Learn from your weaknesses and forgive yourself, you’ll be happier." 


I was born in a small town outside Munich, Bavaria. I learned to enjoy beer and all the good things which come with it.

I was always driven with the desire to inquire and stretch into unexplored territories.


Maybe I watched too much Star Trek in my childhood. However Captain Picard's saying: Boldly go where no man has gone before. Commonly he said as a second phrase: Engage.

This what I have made my lives principle. I brought me to the the 4 continents and beyond until I finally settled in San Francisco. But not just outwardly it also taught me: If you want to change the world you must change yourself first, if you really wan to discover you resilience and inner strength.

Thomi Seche

Studied Art and Psychology for 6 years

Academy of Fine Arts,Munich

8 year Sabbatical in India living as a monastic
Pune, India

Founder of Creative Arts Studio, Boulder

Image by Peter Olexa
Image by Wonderlane

18 years COO of a Global Training company working with CEO's and upper level management teams
San Francisco, CA  

matt-artz-Fu2v5drnMBA-unsplash copy.jpg

Founded Coachmaps a online portal to provide training for managers and sales teams
Sausalito, CA

First book
'The Authentic Message'
Visual Communication Skills for a changing world


Founder of Prestationstoryboarding teaching storyboarding for business success

Visual Artist

Storyboard Guru Consulting
became the trademark for Executive Coaching Services

Image by Kenny Eliason
Image by Mika Baumeister

Full time Coach for Start-ups
San Francisco, CA

Start-Up founder for AI software to create visual feedback 

Image by DeepMind
Business Meeting
Image by Bram Naus

Start-up exit

Second book:
Being Brave 

How I freed myself from my own prejudices


CREA Award 2022

made the list of the 500 most influential leaders 


Coaching and course in Organic Creativity